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Layout Feature

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  Global Site And Category Page Layout Features
100% Screen Width
We have seen websites where the graphics run far off the edge of the browser window or the text looks gibberish because the site layout gets jumbled with the fixed screen width. 100% Screen Width optimizing your Yahoo! Store for faultless viewing in all browsers. This feature enables expanding the site's layout to reach the full browser width. This feature is especially recommended for large Yahoo! Stores having substantial content and information. It makes the same effect on small as well as large screens.
Add to Cart on Section Pages
This feature allows you to add an Add to Cart button on the Section / Category pages where your products are listed. With the help of this feature your customers can buy the item right from the section page without having to go to the product details page. This saves their time and makes them feel more comfortable buying from your Yahoo! Store. This makes it more comfortable to add products to shopping cart from more than one category or sub-category. Stores selling items that can be part of a set but do not require a detailed description can be purchased directly from the section page.
Emphasis Graphics
Empahsis Graphics stand out from the crowd and are helpful for some of your products that need to be highlighted. Graphics like 'NEW' or 'HOT' ITEM's create consumer interest in the product enticing them to buy that particular item. YDesigner provides a simple mechanism through which you can apply these graphics to any item in your Yahoo! Store. These special add-on graphics are displayed wherever the item is showed on your Store. It attracts customer attention and helps you promote your products.
Free Shipping Countdown
The free shipping countdown feature displays a notification on the shopping cart page that informs the customers how much more he/she needs to purchase to avail of free shipping. If the purchase amount has equaled or exceeded the permissible limit, a message is displayed stating that the customer is now eligible to get free shipping for that particular order. Free Shipping is proven sales increasing technique to boost your profit.
Multiple Add To Cart
Multiple add to cart functionality allows your customers to order more than one item simultaneously from a single page. This saves their time and enables them to order several items on the go, instead of having to switch back and forth between product details and category page. This feature empowers your customer to order multiple items falling in a single category by clicking a single button! Yahoo Shopping Cart then calculates the whole amount at the checkout for all the products selected.
Multiple Layouts for Different Categories
The default products/category listing functionality provided by Yahoo! is very inflexible, in the sense it does not allows you to display different products separately within one Yahoo! Store. For instance, if your Store is selling jewelry and gift items simultaneously, you would want to showcase jewelry items in a different manner than how the gift items are displayed. YDesigner's multiple layouts for different categories feature takes care of this dilemma by enabling you to have multiple layouts for showcasing your products/categories based on your preference. This utility helps a ton as your customers are able to access information in much more structure manner when they are looking for a specific product.
Right Side Column
Right side column utility gives the flexibility to display relevant details such as Best Sellers, Customer Testimonials, Hot Offers, Promo Banners and just about any other information the customer would like to place there. YDesigner modifies the structure of your website to accommodate an extra column on the right side to display such marketing elements on your site. We customize Yahoo Store Templates, so that it can be as unique as possible.
Shipping Policy Popup Chart
YDesigner can create a popup from the product details page to display your shipping policies. This feature is especially helpful for those scrupulous customers who want to know your shipping policies before they order the items which are going to be shipped within the United States or internationally. It helps in making a buying decision when customers know when they will get their product if they order now. Our shipping policy popup saves your customer service calls and time which in turn gives more customer satisfaction.

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