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Layout Feature

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  Product Page Layout Features
Alternate Input Selection Options
The default dropdown for the options on the product page sometimes creates inconvenience for the customers to select the correct option. YDesigner takes these dropdown menus to another level. We convert these dropdown menus to a more sophisticated Alternative Selection options (Radio Buttons or Check Boxes), thus making all your options visible simultaneously and giving your customers an easier way to select an option for a product. Although it is not recommended for large option quantities, this is a great enhancement if you have 5 to 6 options maximum. It also gives an opportunity to your customers to select the right option while comparing options with one another.
Custom 'Add to Cart'¯ Button
A key feature of any Yahoo! Store is the 'Add to Cart'¯ button. 'Add to Cart'¯ should be easy to find, easy to remember and easy to use. It's the point from where you and your customers truss together. YDesigner place a lot of emphasis to ensure a smooth start to this relation by replacing Yahoo!'s droning HTML button and creating a professional looking customized Add to Cart button. A chic 'Add to Cart' will always have a good impression on the customer inviting them to click it! This customized button leads to custom shopping cart.
Custom Framing
This feature presents the information in your Yahoo! Store in a much clearer and user-friendly way, and has been exclusively drafted keeping in mind products that call for custom framing - example Paintings, Wallpapers, etc. This utility helps customers dynamically select the custom frames and also provides live preview of the combination right on the product detail page itself. It enhances your customer's shopping experience while helping your bottom line. Now that's one intelligent feature.
Emphasis Image Icons for Option Categories
We call them Small Wonders. Little, emphasis graphics like 'NEW'¯, 'HOT ITEM'¯, 'BEST SELLERS' draw attention of the consumers looking for niche products and are also helpful in promoting certain items. These small wonders are displayed along with the product throughout your Yahoo! Store. It helps highlight your optional categories for the selected product and encourage customers to have a look at them. YDesigner can also create custom graphics for you as per your preference. Another great add-on to promote your products!
Enhanced Quantity Pricing Display
YDesigner can customize the display of quantity pricing and have it display in a much better way so that the customers can check the pricing for various Quantity Levels straight away. This option helps customers who want to buy in bulk. It shows them how much discount they can avail while buying in quantity with different quantity slabs to choose from. It is great options to encourage customers buy more from your store.
Estimated Delivery Pop-Up Window
The Estimated Delivery Popup window lists down all your shipping methods along with the time estimate thereby illustrating the anticipated product delivery period. This popup window takes into consideration the latency time caused by order processing as well as delays due to weekends/holidays. This feature is a must for any niche ecommerce store as it conveys the exact product delivery time to the customer. This saves your customer service phone calls and email regarding delivery status. It informs customers about the shipping date even before they have purchased the product, which builds trust and establish your credibility.
Large Image on Product Pages With Layers
This features shares a lots of similarities to the erstwhile Large Image on Product pages With Popup's utility. The only disparity is that instead of pop-ups, the larger product image gets displayed right on that page itself with the help of layers. The benefits of incorporating this feature are identical as its younger sibling, but this feature surpasses its sibling in a sense that it copes pretty well with those nasty popup blockers. It makes it easier to navigate your online Yahoo Store for your customers. It gives your yahoo store more professional look and shows your product images in a proficient manner.
Large Image on Product Pages With Popup
It is always advisable to have your customers scrutinize the products closely before they decide to buy them. By doing so, you ensure your customers know beforehand of how the end product looks exactly before it is delivered to them. This mechanism drastically reduces the amount of returned goods caused by dissatisfaction. YDesigner can incorporate this feature by which you have an 'Enlarge Image'¯ link, clicking on which opens a popup window containing the larger product image. This helps your customers examine the product more carefully. The functionality provided by Yahoo! does not permit this approach and may result in potential customer leaving the product page, thereby inversely affecting your sales. Enlarged Images give better look of a physical product and helps satisfy customer queries.
MAP Pricing Option
MAP Pricing is an acronym for Minimum Allowable Price. This is a unique functionality that several large Yahoo! Stores use to avoid conflict with their dealers/vendors. Many manufacturers will not allow you to advertise your products below a certain price. This forces you to charge more than you would like. There are certain instances where your product(s) Price / Sale Price as a supplier is less than the quoted price of your vendor. To avoid upsetting your vendors, you would want to hide the price from the end customer until the item is actually ordered. At YDesigner's, we have the perfect cure to this malady. Our Custom RTML template takes care of this dilemma by hiding the actual Price / Sale Price. The product price is not advertised to the customers until that particular item is added to the shopping cart.
Minimum Quantity Order
If you want to accept orders with minimum quantity, YDesigners can easily integrate this functionality for you. Your customer gets alerted if he/she hasn't selected a certain specified quantity before ordering. This way there is no chance that the customer can order an item below the minimum quantity level predefined by you. What's more you can even define minimum quantity levels for each product in your Yahoo! Store. It helps you maintain your store tradition while making customers aware of the process.
Multiple Images
Placing just one image to showcase your product might not do the trick. Ideally, you would like your product details page reveal as much information about your product as possible. YDesigners offers you yet another RTML feature which addresses this concern by letting you place unlimited¯ product images along with the main product image. These extra images appear as thumbnails beside the main product image, and each thumbnail opens a popup containing the enlarged image. Multiple images can be used to show products from different angles and in different colors. This can add value to higher priced items because you can more graphically display the added value that comes with the added cost.
Multiple Images with Roll Over Effect
This utility is similar to Yahoo!'s Multiple Images Add-on feature. However, this enriched version lets your customers immediately preview the additional image when the mouse rolls over the thumbnail of that image. And when the thumbnail is clicked a popup opens containing the larger, detailed product image. It allows previewing product from different angles or in different colors easily and rapidly without loading the whole page again. It saves customer time and helps them make the buying decision fast.
Multiple Items for Options
Customers like having options while buying. Yahoo's default options listing allow you to arrange the options in a cumbersome dropdown list. YDesigner's Multiple Items for Options functionality allows you to have a separate image for each of the option. Configuring in this way lets the customers see the option they are selecting, thus making them comfortable of what they can expect with the customization. Customers can see what the product will look like after selecting the options provided, which makes them more comfortable with the purchase.
Option Pricing Enhancements (Auto Update Prices)
YDesigner's custom template allows you to specify Options with additional prices, which get added to your final product cost when that item is chosen with certain options. Moreover, we also do modifications such that the Price/Sale price gets automatically updated right on the product page just besides the 'Add to Cart'¯ button, based on the options selected. Thus, customers see the actual cost of the product before the item is added to the shopping cart. This helps significantly reduce the Cart Abandon¯ rate, wherein customers do not expect to see any additional charges been applied when they hit the Add to Cart button. This option makes the price clearer to customers and reduces the confusion.
Ordering and Info Displayed in a Table
The Ordering information such as various options, Quantity Box, and finally Add to Cart button are the steps customers go through when buying a product from your Yahoo! Store. There is always a scope to display the ordering information in a more user-friendly manner than the default Yahoo! Ordering Information. YDesigner helps you structure the ordering details for your Yahoo! Store via our Custom RTML template in such a manner that the ordering information is displayed in a table with proper labels, so that they are easily recognizable and used proficiently. This option helps customers get the information they want quickly and competently.
Product Feature Tables from your Database
This utility allows you automatically put across diverse features for your product in a more formatted layout. You simply provide the details and information in a single field, and the Product Feature is automatically built with our Custom RTML template. It is as easier as adding a field to your .CSV uploads file to add extra information to your products page. This option makes it possible to search a product through precise product feature. This option also makes it more search engine friendly and gives your store better ranking.
Product Information displayed on Table
Tabs are always a good way to categorize information on the page and make the page use less space, thus making the user scroll less to view details. Tabs also make navigation within the page easier and helps divide the product information in form of sections. Product Info page is crucial and we don't want you to loose a customer just because of small confusion. YDesigner's expertise with RTML allows you to incorporate virtually anything from text, images and flash within Tabs. Proper formatting in this fashion makes the customers' shopping experience so effortless that they come back for more.

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