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ALT Tags on Product Images
99% of the on-line traffic is generated from Search Engines making it vitally important for you to focus on your Yahoo! Store SEO (Search Engine Optimization). ALT tags enhancement are used to alert Search Engines what that product image is about. Yahoo's default ALT tags say "click to enlarge". This enhancement will replace that with a text-based description of the item image that can be crawled by the Search Engine spiders helping them index your site better. These tags also get displayed when visitors hover over the item image while browsing making your site more optimal. This tag also helps when the image can not be loaded for some reason, so visitors have an idea what that empty space is about. It's good to do everything you can to help Search Engines direct customers to you!
Customer and SEO Friendly Site Maps
Your site's navigation techniques should be composed of features that are the most popular and user-friendly with potential customers. Remember, the easier you make for customers to navigate your Yahoo! Store, the more successful your e-business will be. A well-categorized site map not only makes customer navigation easier, it also assists the Search Engine spiders crawl all the major pages of your Yahoo! Store helping them index your site better. It exposes all your web pages and ultimately your product range to the search engines, so that they rank good for competitive keywords. This RTML enhancement makes your website easy for potential customers to move about and shows relevant information to Search Engine spiders helping you rank better in the Search Engines.
Dynamic Meta Tags on Each Page
Maintaining uniqueness is the mantra of premium Search Engine rankings. Search engine spiders scan your web pages looking for unique content on each page that is useful and relevant to the search phrase. Major search engines will rank you higher if your pages contain unique content and meta tags. This RTML enhancement generates unique Meta Tags for each page of your website, thereby optimizing your Yahoo! Store for the Search Engines. YDesigner's Dynamic Meta Tags is directly connected to your Yahoo! Store database file and scans your name, caption, label and abstract. It allows you to create keywords and descriptions on every page on your site and load it dynamically into the Meta Tags, thus increasing your website's exposure making it easier for potential customers to find your Yahoo! Store.
Convert all Links to Absolute URL (Base URL)
This versatile RTML add-on from YDesigner is focused on making your Yahoo! Store as Search Engine friendly as possible. Search Engine spiders cannot crawl dynamic link URLs once they get dynamic links. This incredibly critical SEO feature converts all your Yahoo! dynamic pages to absolute URLs that the Search Engines can index. It's a simple remedy that however is critically important. Bear in mind, if your website is easily identifiable by Search Engines, you can noticeably improve your ranking on Search Engines making it easier for shoppers to find you. It's that clear-cut Period.
Google Site Maps
Organic search engine rankings are critical to the success of any e-business. This dictum is especially true when PPC (pay-per-click) rates are on the rise. YDesigner's Google Site Maps gives Google (the world's foremost Search Engine) a clear path to all items in your Yahoo! Store from only one level. It helps Google crawl your on-line store more easily. Google XML Sitemap organizes your store in a logical easy-to-follow map helping Google's spider crawl all the links of your store including the dynamic links in a snap, thus increasing your Search Engine visibility and listing.

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