Hot Features of the Month

Multiple Bread Crumbs

Multiple Bread Crumbs serve the same purpose as Single Bread Crumb Trail, but they show multiple product paths. Multiple Bread Crumbs makes it easier to shop in Yahoo! Stores having more than one category. Multiple breadcrumb navigation shows related categories, so that customers have more options to choose from. They show additional paths in your Yahoo! Store leading the customer to the current page. They provide more keyword-oriented links to related sections at the top of every page making it easier for Search Engines, and ultimately, potential customers to find your website.

Customer Product Reviews

This feature allows your customers to give review about your products. It makes it possible to read other shoppers online product reviews. It gives you a flexibility to approve, reject or edit the consumer feedbacks. It is a dynamic online customer relationship management feature that makes you stand apart from other online stores.

Multiple Images
Only one image to display how your product looks never seems to be enough for most of the items. You would like to have your product details page reveal as much of information about your product as possible. We have yet another RTML feature which addresses this concern by having UNLIMITED extra images along with the main product image. The extra images appear as thumbnail beside your main product image and each thumbnail contains an enlarged version which opens in a popup window.

Advanced Blog Integration
The more advanced version of basic blog set up, this feature gives your corporate blog an advanced look. This blog fully integrates with the look of your yahoo store. Integrated Weblog design can be a very effective way to communicate with your customers and let them know about the new products coming out.

Advanced Search
Give your customers the flexibility to search your yahoo store by a product feature like colour or size or any other attribute you want to add. This advanced search feature gives the facility to find the product quickly which saves customer’s time. You just have to add extra features in your .csv upload, and we will do the rest to tie all those search features in the advanced search.


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