how yahoo store is useful for your business?


Yahoo! Store is the ultimate tool for building e-commerce sites.
It can be accessed on the Internet address

The most obvious advantages of Yahoo! Merchant Solutions over other e-commerce site building methods are:

  • Low cost for small stores, thus highly recommended for small business solutions.

  • Intuitive interface, which is very easy to use.

  • Powerful support provided by other Yahoo! services on a number of topics concerning e-commerce and e-Business, such as fax and e-mail services, along with detailed statistics and customer ratings.

  • Results are visible almost immediately. Also, the site looks after the publishing exactly the same as it looks during the creation, which makes the use of Yahoo! Store easier.

The disadvantages, on the other hand, are that the user cannot create original look of the e-commerce site because the sites on Yahoo! Store are made from one template system forcing the basic structure to be the same. Moreover, the user needs his own server in order to use the most advanced functionalities of Yahoo! Store, such as custom functions for tax and shipment calculation. Thus, the options in design and trading are limited. However, with RTML "Real Time Markup Language," Yahoo! proprietary programming language used by Yahoo! Stores can you really break free of the editor imposed shackles, and create a truly appealing Yahoo Store Front. With RTML you can create a template and program it to deal with various situations.

YDesigner offers over 90 innovative, high-quality and value-added RTML enhancements that enable its clients to attain sustainable competitive advantage. Our developers have the technical expertise and the vast experience to develop complex designs and can provide all the functionalities you can dream of. Our core capabilities, characterized by high quality and shorter time-to-market, streamline service delivery while addressing the full range of client needs. YDesigner is committed to establishing long-term relationships with its growing client base of over 400 active Yahoo! Merchant Solutions customers.




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