RTML programming

Yahoo! Store is one of the largest and fastest growing store front systems on the Internet. RTML (an acronym for Real Time Markup Language) is a proprietary programming language used by Yahoo! Store and Yahoo! Site hosting products. This is a proprietary programming language that is unique to Yahoo! Stores . Originally, the Yahoo! Store platform was developed by a company called Viaweb. In 1998 Yahoo! acquired Viaweb for $49.6 million. Today the community of Yahoo! Store merchants includes over 100,000 store fronts. RTML the programming language of Yahoo! Store templates was originally developed by Viaweb as a template language for their e-commerce platform. Yahoo! then used this language in development of their store front application designed for small businesses.

The difference between RTML and HTML is the inability to edit portions of code directly in text.  Although Yahoo!'s documentation does not reveals it, RTML is a language developed on a Lisp or LISt Processing, which is one of the oldest functional programming language available. In RTML programming keywords are edited using a browser-based HTML interface, and then pushed to the dynamically published live site. Proper coding of the language is essential to ensure quick loading of the pages and dynamic content. However, as there is no comprehensive source of information that would allow store owners to learn RTML, it is advisable to outsource the RTML programming to a company like YDesigner which is well-versed in this language. Even though it may cost a bit more to go professional, it is often worth it in the long run to invest in a properly coded RTML store front.

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