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Yahoo! Store is one of the largest online mall on the web.

Exclusive look of the store , can be implemented using Yahoo! Store's proprietary language, RTML.

RTML stands for Recursive Textual Markup Language. It is a programming language used to generate static web pages.. Though designed to be easy for users with no programming experience, it is quite a powerful language.

RTML has all the elements of a programming language including:
  • Control flow
  • Variables
  • Iteration or loops
  • Conditional Execution
  • Subroutine and function calls

Intention of RTML is to provide a conduit between content and presentation i.e. between the record of your store and the HTML pages that display your record. One of the advantage of RTML is if you don't have any idea about the database and also not aware of how to write HTML though , with the help of RTML you can develop your webpage.RTML makes it possible to define the structure of a whole site, not just the contents of individual pages.

You achieve complete control over the design of your store and also expand existing functionality of your store.RTML is not client side scripting even its not server side.One of the drawback is that it executed only once.you can not database manipulation.

Thus RTML is a real programming language, not just a page description language.

Want to know more about our RTML expertization , send your questions to kevin@ydesigner.com. Check here the advance feature we implemet with RTML in yahoo store

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