Why Yahoo Store?

Today Yahoo! Store is the fastest and most practical way to open your online store. Yahoo! Store has much more advantages over other available services including having your own custom made E-Commerce enabled shopping website. It ensures greater visibility, more visitors, secured transactions, easy management of your and more flexibility in handling large number of products.

Yahoo! online Store in other words is your e-business window on Internet, providing consistency and stability to your online business. Despite the turbulent markets and global uncertainties of the last few years, the Yahoo! network is growing up and growing stronger than ever, thanks to over 40,000 Yahoo! Store merchants and millions of visitors spending billions of dollars on Yahoo!.

In short, Yahoo! Store’s advantages are as follows:
  • Your Store can be built on Yahoo! Server-This ensures reliability.
  • For this only an ordinary browser is needed- It’s easy to quickly setup.
  • No software required for installation- Hence easy to maintain
  • Yahoo hosts your designed Yahoo! Store.
  • Placement of your Yahoo! Store in Yahoo! Shopping is possible.
  • Yahoo! Store can be easily handled. It’s simply user friendly.
  • Running cost of Yahoo! Store is low compared to other e-commerce services.
  • Orders are accepted securely using industry – standard SSL encryption.
  • You can retrieve orders from Yahoo! Store’s server over the web.
  • Search Engine Optimization possibilities are increased.

Following are the strengths of well-designed Yahoo! Store:
  • Professional Designs
  • Higher ranking pages!
  • Easy Manageability of Store through Web Interface
  • Store Management and its training
  • User friendly!
  • Database Mining
  • Manage your site pre-design!
  • Secured Server
  • Update your site quickly and easily in less time
  • Credit card transactions
And best of all, the Yahoo! Store software is so user-friendly to operate and navigate provided once your Yahoo! Store is professionally designed.

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