Yahoo Store Design / Redesign Packages

Take a look at the variety of packages we've got for you. They are clubbed specific features that scale up to what your customer expects - and to fulfill what your business needs.

Each package has specific feature bunched together as a Package - allowing you maximum possible discount as compared to each feature ordered separately. Just see the comparison for yourself!

Features Included

Each feature listed here can also be incorporate in any plan separately.
Essential Package Standard Package Intermediate Package Enterprise Packages
  $750 $1500 $2500 $4700
  Detail Detail Detail Detail
 Fully Customized Homepage        
 Category and Sub-category page Layout        
 Product Detail page Design        
 Breadcrumb Paths        
 Checkout Manager Customization        
 Paypal Set up        
 Meta Tags (SEO Booster) - Title, Keywords, Description        
 Unlimited Categories/Sub-category Levels        
 Editable Specials on Homepage        
 Image Enlarge - Animated Layered Window        
 Ability to create UNLIMITED Informational Pages        
 Newsletter Custom Script (email notification)        
 Sitemap Page (all links on one page)        
 Bookmark Script        
 Tell a Friend (custom email script)        
 Quantity Box on Product Detail        
 Wordpress Blog (Full / Basic Integration)!        
 Add new pages with new design automatically        
 Custom Message for Out of Stock Items        
 Alphabetically Sorted Main Navigation        
 Editable HTML blocks (Best for Banners)        
 Google Sitemap (SEO Booster)        
 Using CSV files for Bulk Uploads        
 Help with Shipping, Credit Cards and Tax Configuration        
 Show Related Items on Product Detail page (editable)        
 ALT attributes on product Images (SEO Booster)        
 Editable Header and Footer Navigation        
 Custom Add to Cart & Checkout Buttons        
 Display Discount (e.g. Save 30%!)        
 Right Side Column        
 Additional Images with Rollover Preview        
 Random Testimonials on each page        
 Advanced Paging with Sort        
 Categorized Site Map        
 Shipping Policy Chart on Product Detail        
 Micro Graphics for Product (e.g. NEW, HOT, DEAL etc.)        
 Product Information in Professional Table Structure        
 Free Shipping Countdown        
 Show Sub-categories dynamically        
 Automatic Price Update for additional charge for an option        
 Product Information Displayed on Tabs        
 Quantity Pricing Table with price breaks        
 Product Reviews with Admin Panel (Advanced)        
 SEO friendly Flyout Menus        
 Next / Previous Item buttons on Detail page        
 Multiple Breadcrumb Paths        
 Recently Viewed Items        
 3 Email Forms        
 Professional Logo Design        
 Mini Shopping Cart        
  Detail Detail Detail Detail
  $750 $1500 $2500 $4700
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1. The features mentioned above are the standard bunch of features clubbed as a package.
2. We’re also able to integrate individual feature into a store if you require
3. In Addition to the features included in the package, you can also add more feature at any time!

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